Sacha Inchi is one of the newest items at Trader Joe’s — and it’s amazing! TJ Store Finder

This rainforest superfood has more protein and more Omega 3 than any other nut or seed. Plus, it tastes amazing; it has a rich, nutty flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or used to elevate salads, smoothies, stir frys, and desserts.

The best part? Trader Joe’s is offering Sacha Inchi Seeds at only $6.99. That’s about half the price of other companies on the market!


  • More Protein than Any Other Nuts

  • 8.5 Grams of Protein in 1 Oz

  • Essential Aminos for Complete Protein

  • 17x Omega 3 of Salmon

  • 350% Your Daily Value of ALA

Why You Should be Eating Sacha Inchi

1. High in Protein

Sacha Inchi is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Ancient Amazonian warriors consumed it for energy and vitality, thanks to its incredible nutrition. Each serving has 8.5 grams of complete protein. The term ‘complete protein’ refers to the 8 essential amino acids that your body needs but cannot produce—we need to eat them because we can’t make them ourselves. Protein is used in every cell of your body. Not only do you need protein to develop and maintain lean muscle, but it also keeps your metabolism running, your energy up and your blood sugar levels stable.

2. Healthy Omega 3

Another reason Sacha Inchi seeds are considered a ‘superfood’ is because of its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids. This nutrient plays a central role in healthy brain function. Healthy fats are good for you because the human brain is composed of 60% fat. Fueling your brain with fat provides it with energy and helps protect against diseases, among other benefits. It can also encourage the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is critical for learning and memory. Sacha Inchi seeds contain 20x more plant-based Omega 3 than wild salmon. One serving contains 350% of your Daily Value of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

3. So Delicious!

Sacha Inchi seeds are delicious! They have a rich nuttiness that might be compared to a macadamia and brazil nut combined. But there’s also a hint of savory umami which works really well in grain bowls, soups, stir frys, desserts, baked goods, protein smoothies, and more. They are also great by themselves, or mixed in granola or trail mix.

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